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Simon Says: Murder Is Being Done

from ysabetwordsmith:

she pointed me to this blog at dreamwidth:

It starts off:
Tyler Clementi was murdered.

Seth Walsh was murdered.

Asher Brown was murdered.

Billy Lucas was murdered.

The Anoka-Hennepin School District condones murder by maintaining a "neutral" policy toward GLBTIQ students that tacitly condones their abuse.

Classmates gaybashed an 11-year-old male cheerleader, breaking his arm.

A Michigan assistant attorney general engages in a deranged campaign of blogging hate speech against a college student.

People keep calling it bullying, which minimizes and infantilizes it.

I call it murder.
I call it abuse.
I call it assault and battery.
I call it harassment.
I call it stalking.
I call it slander, libel, defamation, terrorism.

And these stories and articles don't even go into the abuse heaped upon the heads of those who don't feel that killing themselves is the only way to escape it.
For coverage of the events leading up to Tyler Clementi's death, see
This talks briefly about other teens who've been "bullied to death"

There are a mish-mash of ineffectively enforced laws on bullying, cyber bullying, criminal harrassment, and invasion of privacy throughout the US (I don't know the details for other countries), but prosecution usually happens only after someone has died.

I hope, that in Tyler Clementi's case at least, that the two students who perpetrated this harrassment-by-Internet-video & defamation, are prosecuted to the full extent of the laws existing in New Jersey, and sued for wrongful death and accessories to murder (if not stronger) by the Clementi family.

This needs to be elevated to a Federal law. Too many gay teens have gone to their deaths recently--that is, the ones we've heard of. Are they merely the tip of the iceberg?

Read it, please. Speak out where you can. Work to change the laws, if you can, by writing your elected representatives. If you don't know who they are or how to contact them, your state's Secretary of State or League of Women Voters will be happy to help you find that information.
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