SaffronRose (saffronrose) wrote,

The British Anti-Burglar Brigade

I have negelcted to say how enjoyable the British Anti-Burglar Brigade, sometimes known as Simon & Mary (aka sbisson and marypcb) has been. Off and on in March (and recently in May), they showed up for a day or more, wandering hither, thither and yon (that must make us Hither) while being helpful guests, capable of entertaining themselves (whether it was work or other friends, LJ and not, to visit; or places to see) or being delightful conversationalists while present, happily eating leftovers when they arrived late and famished, just as happy to eat freshly-prepared food when dinner was timely.

While they announce freely that the burglars have arrived, they seem to bring something with them, rather than take things away (aside from photographs and good memories, one hopes). We get interesting bottles of wine for the most part--whether for the packaging (as in one HP wine!) or the contents (my rosepetal wine from Lurgashall winery in Britain).

We always enjoy seeing them when they are in the area. One of these days, we hope to return the favor.
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