SaffronRose (saffronrose) wrote,

It's hot, it's blasted hot,
and what do you know, it's going to be hot tonight
I'd sleep but I'm too hot
and airconditioning doesn't exist at work!

Two nights now, it's been 20 degrees cooler at night in Palo Alto/Atherton than at home. I arrive to soup heat.
Sitting up to one's neck in the pool cools one off for only so long, and I can't sleep there, not being an aquatic mammal.

The woman who always wants her water without ice is not overfilling bottles and glasses with ice. Besides, in the non a/c house, it'll only last about 10 minutes or so before the ice has completely melted.


In other news, our friend rowanf has successfully has her appendix out, and is resting comfortably at home, with the aid of pain meds, I suspect. They did have to go in through one of her tatts, but they were very careful in sewing back up.

On the job front, I was found to be too informal for the classical music series that was to have me working evenings and weekends until mid-August. Oh, well. That's me, not reverent enough to people I have no idea of their importance to someone else without explicit information. At least most of the folks on the phone seem to like warm&sparkly.

The upside of that is that I'll be able to make rituals I wasn't going to attend working weekends. I'm just sorry oceandusk is going to have to take my place because she's a known positive quantity.

There needs to be an In'n'Out Burger place nearer the Stanford campus. The nearest one I know of is at Rengstorff and the 101. Took me 45 minutes to get there after work (oceandusk said she could really use one of their cheeseburgers, and JeniW piped up and said she'd like some, too, as she was working that night.) I only minded that it took me so long so that they didn't get their burgers earlier. Maybe going south on 101 would have been faster, but no, I had to take an alternate route!

So mr_kurt is away again, and I'm waiting up for his "I've landed" call. It's too hot to get close to him except in the pool, but I still miss him when he's not home to come to bed next to me.

Ah, well, upstairs it is. Perhaps it'll be cool enough tonight to sleep long enough, even if I have to do it by myself.
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