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Saffron Rose's Garden of Life

what is she on about now?

24 January
I'm A. (it's what remains of my birthname, and I didn't want to lose my original initials) Marina Fournier, mid-50s and achieved physical croning, married over 20 years to a computer engineer (software, thank you, architecture right now), with a teenage son conceived during a Mac Developers Conference Week years ago (this means I got to see my husband very little that week). Born on an AFB in Japan, I moved a lot as a child, and really hate it. Besides, one can't plant trees that take years to bear, or asparagus, if moving often.

Generally courteous, slow to take offense, willing to plead for stupidity and ignorance/thoughtlessness over malice, reasonably widely read and a Celtic (Breton, Scots, Gallician, Irish, Welsh, in about that order of preference) and Canadian music fan, I play no instrument, envy those from musical families. I have a near pathological inability to even recycle possibly useful containers, but release them to reuse. Plants in the yard I decide I don't like I find new homes for--or my gay&pagan gardener will (that's at the Santa Cruz house, which we don't have any more. I still try to find new homes for unwanted plants.)
47, alan stivell, andrew quady, antique apples, antique pears, art nouveau, artisan breads, ballet, bdsm, beading, beads, bellydance, bipolar disorder, blackadder, books, breads, brigid, celtic art, celtic music, charles de lint, cheese, child ballads, chocolate, citrines, citrus, classical music, connie kaldor, cooking, copyediting, corsets, costume, costuming, cream teas, dancing, david bowie, diabetes, editing, eileen mcgann, english country dancing, erotica, espaliering, fantasy, femrel, fetish wear, fiber art, figs, figureskating, fitz & floyd, flora post, flowers as food, folk music, folk wines, food, fountain pens, french folk music, fruit trees, fruit wines, full moon, garden design, gardening, garnet rogers, garnets, glastonbury, goddess pomona, grammar, harry potter, hats, hecate, herb gardening, herbs, intellectual freedom, islay, james keelaghan, joss whedon, kitchen witchery, labyrinths, language, languages, lebanese food, les barker, librarians, libraries, liqueurs, lobster, loreena mckennitt, macintosh, magic, maps, meals with friends, medical history, medical research, medieval gardens, medieval history, medieval music, middle-eastern food, morris dance, movies, murals, mysteries, mystery, mythology, nroogd, nutella, old blind dogs, old garden roses, opals, orchids, pagan music, pagan prayer beads, paganism, parenting, peacemaking, piercing, poetry, pomona college, pre-raphaelites, proofreading, regency dance, regency romance, roses, saffron, sally rogers, sandra boynton, scented gardens, science fiction, scotland, seafood, silkworms, silliness, silly wizard, singing, single-malts, spices, spreading courtesy, stan rogers, star trek, stephen fry, subscription dinners, sushi, tea, tribal dance/ats, urban fantasy, weaving, wicca, wine, witchcraft, women's health, word games, zinfandel